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We are no stranger to online dating. Gone are the days when girls’ just sits at the corner of the sofa cross stitching and hoping that some guy will use his charm and capture her heart.  Singledom can be a dreadful destination to many people. Nobody wants to stay single for the rest of their lives eh? Thanks to the power of Internet which makes it possible for online dating. Through joining online dating sites, many individuals have found their soul mates and eventually falls in love them.

Now, the million dollar question is, will it last forever? Well, the answer to this will be up to you. Your love for each other can sustain but you will need to add important ingredients to make your recipe of love as sweet as honey and have your happily-ever-after. Below are the ingredients you will need to keep your romance strong and alive:

1. Commitment

Like any other normal relationships, relationships which blossomed from online dating face challenges and problems. And like any other relationships, it can also work if both of you commit yourself in keeping your love strong and making your relationship lasts. You are not the only person who has found their true love over the internet, and many of them are still happily in love with each other. If you think you have found the person that you have been waiting online, then distance won’t matter and it may be worth all the challenges.


2. Communication

One thing that destroys long distance relationship is not the distance; but the lack of communication. In fact, this is where you started. Therefore, this is also the most vital ingredient to make your love recipe sweet and successful. You talk with each other that is why you have realised that you share a connection. Use this too in fixing issues that will arise. Another secret ingredient to make your relationship last is to never ending your call or whatever communication that you may have without fixing issues.


3. Trust

Being in a long distance relationship makes it hard for both of you to know where your significant other is at the moment and what he or she is doing. It is up to you to let your insecurities and “what ifs” poison your thoughts. Remember, a relationship that has not trust in it is doomed to fail.


4. Prove your love

Suspicion will really creeps in if one or both persons do not get enough assurance. You do not need to be always physically together to feel your love for each other best generic viagra. Reassure your love one with your love for him or her by telling how much you love him or her. Tell them how good you felt talking to them and how happy you are in your relationship. Remembering your important dates, including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, monthsary or anniversary if you have will give them the guarantee that your love for each other are equal.


5. Time

Sooner or later, both of you will feel that talking over the phone and exchanging emails is no longer enough. Your main goal in pursuing online dating is to find a person that you will fall in love with, and eventually, meet in person. Discuss how you can make this happen, who wants to compromise, when do you want this to happen, and then set a deadline.



Nobody is perfect and we all have our moments of waking up in the wrong side of the bed. This is one of the points of having a relationship; to understand, to love, and never leave each other. Try to add these 5 ingredients above and you will be surprised at how sweet and enjoyable your internet relationships recipe will be.

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