OK, so you’ve exchanged a few messages, he/she seems keen, it’s time to bite the bullet and ask them out on a date. Below are a few tips to ensure you have an amazing time and secure a second date ????

Don’t Be Cheap

No one likes a cheap-skate, least of all someone expecting to be swept off their feet. This doesn’t mean you have to go to a Michelin Star restaurant and have a 5 course meal, it simply means don’t take your date to the local chippy and expect a snog at the end of it. Girls, you’re not off the hook either, it’s time to put a bit of thought, effort and money into the date.

[Kleo_h3] Keep It Light [/kleo_h3] Remember this is just a first date, you don’t have to start planning a future or put all your cards on the table, You’re only getting to know this person, have light, friendly conversation, keep it simple and remember to take an interest in what your date has to say visit homepage.

[Kleo_h3] Dress To Impress [/kleo_h3] You’d think this would be obvious to everyone, well you’d be wrong. Some people just throw on a pair of track suit bottoms and a hoody and think they’re set. If you’re trying to impress this man or woman you need to put a bit of effort into your appearance. If they see that you can’t even put effort into how you dress then they’re likely to presume that you won’t put effort into anything, especially a potential relationship with them.

[Kleo_h3] Don’t Invite Your Mates [/kleo_h3] This is a big no no, do not under any circumstances invite your friends to join you on your date. A date is supposed to be a one on one interaction, with undivided attention on your new partner. If you bring a friend a long then your date will most likely feel awkward and upset with the situation. Think of this as a job interview, would you bring your friends to a job interview?

So that’s our tips for a first date, do you have any to add?

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