We’ve seen an influx of new members lately and I’d just like to give everyone a detailed overview about what makes Northern Dating the No online generic viagra.1 Dating website in Northern Ireland.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching an advert on TV and man/woman offers you some amazing offer and then at the end the small print reads: Not available in Northern Ireland. Yea, we hate that too. Those kinds of ads really annoy us, so we set out to make something that was just for us folks in NI.

So why a dating site you ask? Well when you search for a dating service for N. Ireland your sure to find thousands, if not millions of search results promising you lots of gorgeous looking singles in your area. The only problem is when you sign up you’ll find that it’s a UK-wide website, or worse a global website. Sure these websites can narrow it down to maybe a county but still, there’s some big counties in NI. We agreed that there needed to be at least 1 place on internet for the good folks of Northern Ireland to converge in order to find a partner, so we built it.

Belfast Dating Site Free


There’s been a few copy cat websites popping up since we began this journey, some of them are full of bots, pretending to be real people and some of them are littered with scam artists, trying to take your money. We urge you to be careful when entering sensitive information on an unknown website.

NorthernDating.com is part of a network which has an excellent team of people who keep everyone on our site safe. They are constantly checking for abnormal behavior, such as scammers and bots and take the appropriate action to keep them out.


We also have an unbeatable match-making algorithm which promises to match you with a partner who has similar interests and tastes, but if that wasn’t enough we also feature a location search so you can find people within miles of where you live, pretty nifty, huh?

Just like all social networking sites, Northern Dating has a private messaging feature, you can send an ‘ice-breaker’ message for free to get the conversation started with your new love interest.

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